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Inshore Photos

Lori and Judy.  Yes, Judy did reel in the fish all by herself !
Chris LaPoint...makes the Web page.  Nice fish Chris !
Big Dave, No! No! and Steve.  These guys caught alot of fish.  Besides these they also hooked into some big fluke, sea bass, and scup.
The Scooter Pie Championship. Ryan, Mark, and Tom competed for the only food they brought out with them, a scooter pie.  Tom won the prize.  Nice fish all around. 
Laura, Keith, Ray and Steve.  An excellent day of fishing.  Laura did a great job reeling in her fish (and had no difficulties with picking her fish up for the photos). 
Matt, Ed, Carol and Zack.  One of the more perfect days out on the water.  We had beautiful weather and some very nice fish.  Matt won the battle of "the biggest fish" (and Grandma's fish was not a guppy but rather the second largest of the day)