Inshore Photos
Hiz and Herz ~ Have Fun Go Fishing

Dan and Wayne had a fantastic day of fluke fishing.  Lots and Lots of big fish.  Wayne had the biggest fluke at 25", Dan the biggest Sea Bass weighing in at over 5lbs.  
Above: Jim with his big fish of the day. Below the whole family shows off their fish.  Scup, striped bass, sea bass and fluke.  Lost alot of big bass earlier in the day but they still ended up with a boat load of fish.
Ryan out with his Dad on a beautiful day.  They limited out on sea bass
Ray hooked into a big striped bass while fluke fishing.  Nice job reeling in the bass on very light tackle. Ended up with a nice bunch of fluke too.
Lennon with two fluke.  Best fluke trip of the far.  One big fish after another.  Lennon did a great job landing some really big doormats.

Kevin, Greg and the boys were out for a father - son fishing day.  They hooked into bluefish, sea bass and fluke. Tried for stripped bass earlier in the day but they just would not bite.
Andrew, Kevin, Brian and Jim slammed the fluke.  Limited out by noon.  These guys came prepared with the fixings for sushi.  We stopped broke out the soy sauce, wasabi, special red hot sauce, cut up a fluke and ate it. Absolutely fantastic!!

"Mr. White" with an 11 pound  fluke and a "small" 7 pounder.  Another fantastic day of fluke fishing.  All the fish were doormats plus we did the sushi thing with a nice sea bass. 
Jarrett with a jumbo conger eel, about 5 feet long and 15 lbs.  While fishing for sea bass he thought he was stuck on the bottom then it started to fight.  Conger's are dangerous and should be handled with care. Jarrett and family also limited out on sea bass.
Ken, Steve, Rich and Dave had a great time on the water.  Manged to pick a few fluke, lots of sea bass and a few bluefish.  Steve wins the pool with a 7.5 lb fluke, Ken a close second with a jumbo sea bass.