Inshore Photos
Hiz and Herz ~ Have Fun Go Fishing

Kevin takes the kids sea bass fishing.  Excellent day out on the water.  Lots of action, limited out on sea bass and a few fluke as well.
Dan, Wayne and Janis. Best fluke trip of the year. Big fish and lots of them.  "Hey Dan, just touch this rod" "FISH ON! "

​Alan and sons Pete and Harry...slam the fluke.  One of the best fluke trips of the year.  Seas started out a bit rough but as you can see by the end of the trip it was beautiful.  Lots of fish, lots of fun. 
Meg and Chris on their annual fluke trip. Their first trip over to Block Island! Chris was a bit worried about Meg and the sea, no need to worry about Meg she was fine, but I don't know about the rest of the crew.  Once again they did very well.
Dana, Janis, Wayne and Bill on the first of many excellent fluke trips. We were troubled by dog sharks at the bottom of the tide, but moved in closer to shore and did quite well.  Please no more casting for blues!!!  
Orlando with two very big fluke.  He did a great job catching his limit. Hope you make it out again next summer.    
Yulun, YiFan, Yuzhen and Zhenxong limit out on sea bass. It was a little rough out on the water so we cruised into the Harbor of Refuge to clean the fish. This crew has only one main concern, "Not too early, we like to sleep late.".