Inshore Photos
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Ted, Eric, Cobe and Bruce limit out on big bass.  All the bass reeled in on this trip weighed between 20 and 35 lbs
Jake, Bob, Chris, Jim, Brian and Steve hammered the fluke.  One of the best fluke trips ever with non stop action.
Joe, Donna, Jamie and Leah had a great time on the best Bass trip of the year, they limited out by 10am. After that they fished for Scup and Sea Bass.
Meg and Chris load up on fluke.  Meg also caught a nice green bonita
Wayne, Mac, Dan and Collin had a great day out on the water catching blackfish.  Fish hit with a bang first thing in the morning, then started up again in the afternoon.  That is until something happened to the anchor.   
Joe and Gary with some 20 to 35 pound bass.  Who caught the most fish?  Answer: The lucky chair. 
Garrett and Dan limit out on Blackfish.  Garrett started the day off with the biggest blackfish of the season, a nice 10 pounder.  Great day despite the freezing cold weather.   
Pete and Wanye enjoy a beautiful day out on the water.  We hooked into some big fish this day.  The biggest one getting away by breaking a three way swivel.  Oh well, you know the saying "The big one aways gets away".  Thanks for all the trips this year, enjoy the winter.
Captain's wife Lori and little sis Judy have a great day out on the water.  I think we limited out.  Lots of laughing, good time had by all.  Hope I can get you two out on the water again next season.